Color Blindness Blitz

stroop effect based game screenshot

COLOR BLINDNESS BLITZ is a challenging, fast-paced color matching game, where you try to beat your own brain

Find the color matching the lit up word. Sounds easy, but your mind will play tricks on you. Can you beat your brain?

COLOR BLINDNESS BLITZ turns a psychological mind-trick into an exciting game. Play by matching one of the color names on screen to the color of the highlighted word. You have to ignore what your brain tells you in order to get it right, but when the levels get quicker and throw in some surprise challenges, you’ll need to rely on the many bonuses to help you make the right matches for a high score.

You can play the beta version right now yourself. How long can you last?

Play the beta demo

I welcome any feedback, please comment below.

Status and plans

This games is built in javascript with the phaser.js HTML5 game engine.

The basic mechanic and game play has been ironed out (after a few unsuccessful trials), and play tests get getting the desired results.

Now I am working on:

  • designing the pacing and making different levels to make it progressively harder and keep it fun

I’ll update this post as this game progresses.

You can follow along with the development notes below, and if you’d like to stay updated on the progress of this game, or my other work, please sign up for the newsletter below or on the right :) .

Development notes for Color Blindness Blitz

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