“Quote Owl” Hidden message word game

"Quote Owl" Hidden message word game

An addictive hidden-message word game like Hangman meets Sudoku

Can you figure out the hidden message? Type different combinations of letters to uncover different words. Each completed word gives clues to solving the other words in the message.

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quote owl screenshot


I came up with the idea for this game one night after trying to figure out the algorithm for catching key combos (like the Konami code). That led to an idea of uncovering hidden words with the same mechanic of typing key combos.

I didn’t know if it would be fun at all, so I made a quick prototype, and when it was playable for the first time I was delighted to find that it was quite fun and very addicting!


I build this game in coffeescript using functional programming techniques, such as using pure functions and never mutating state. I make heavy use of ramda.js, and I developed a lightweight async, pure-functional, state machine-based framework to build it on (which I plan on open sourcing).

Please try out the game and post your feedback and suggestions below!

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